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black and green, tree-like image forming the letter T, outlined with a black hexagon
African-American Female instructor working with an Asian-American female student with low vision
Blind person using computer with refreshible braille display

More About 

Tech abillity Northwest LLC

Never Stop Learning

The core philosophy behind Techability Northwest LLC is based on the idea that each of us harbors unique qualities, skills, and abilities that we can share with the world. We all have value, goals, dreams, and the potential to succeed. We believe in using technology to empower individuals within our communities who are blind or visually impaired. We strongly believe that having a disability does not mean that a person is without ability, in fact it can be our greatest challenges that foster brilliance and power.


​Our curriculum is designed to serve the individual needs of each student, working one-on-one to assist them in achieving their goals. Whether a student is seeking Adaptive Skills Technology training in the pursuit of higher education or career development, we are here to help. We offer courses that enable students to use their computers with the assistance of screen reader and/or magnifier software. Students with develop practical skills that they can apply to a variety of applications such as Microsoft Office, Windows 10, Zoom Cloud Meetings, Google Chrome, and much more.   

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